[linux-dvb] DViCO Fusion Dual DVB-T - Not sure what to try next

Mattias Bergsten fnord at fnord.nu
Tue Dec 26 21:07:31 CET 2006

Stroller wrote:
> As I recall I had this problem when installing Ubuntu this year. I think
> I worked around by using a different monitor and then setting a lower
> resolution in the display preferences. You might also try booting to a
> Knoppix live cd and copying the xorg.conf, or simply booting the Ubuntu
> installation in text mode and editing it's xorg.conf in $EDITOR. I don't
> think there's an (advanced?) option to set X's resolution by hand when
> installing Ubuntu?

If you choose a video mode in Ubuntu's boot screen (I think it's the F4
key), it should be used throughout the installation process. However,
this is a bit off topic for the list, so if you need more tips, please
contact me offlist. :)


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