[linux-dvb] How to get MSI Megasky 580 (gl861) to work?

Antti Palosaari crope at iki.fi
Tue Dec 26 21:38:27 CET 2006

Daniel kirjoitti:
> Right now I'm on a Ubuntu 6.10 (x86-server) and  I'm located in Sweden. 
> I've tried both freshly compiled and kernels with the 
> ~mkrufky/megasky repository. For some reason  it won't compile because 
> of a lacking config.h file in the newer kernels. Anyway that was 
> "solved" using a dummy one.

config.h is deprecated and removed from current kernel. This should be 
fixed somewhere (build scripts, makefile or..?). Your temporary fix is ok.

> Then I found a message from Antti Palosaari about a patch for the 
> QT1010-tuner. I applied the patch to the megasky-directory and 
> recompiled. Again it compiled and I installed the new modules and 
> rebooted. This time dmesg revealed the foolowing:
> The line about qt1010_attach() didn't look so good and now kaffeine 
> can't even find the device? Seems like a dead end here...

Most likely new qt1010 kernel module is not build, because of it is 
disabled by config. Try "make distclean" and then "make config" and 
ensure that qt1010 module is selected (Quantek QT1010 silicon tuner).
I don't know why it does not print proper warning message (driver 
disabled by Kconfig) from qt1010.h file. Could someone who knows better 
this Kconfig stuff check this issue?

> Could someone who got this device working help me, please. What kind of 
> system are you running? Maybe a brief walk-through on how to set things 
> up and compile etc? Please!

Fedora Core 6 and it works :) I have still same config.h issue...

Regards Antti

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