[linux-dvb] cinergyT2: multiple devices not supported?

Markus Rechberger mrechberger at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 13:30:45 CET 2006


there was/is an issue about usb bandwidth allocation, you might try to
disable it in the kernel configuration?


On 12/27/06, Peter Daum <gator_ml at yahoo.de> wrote:
> It seems to be impossible to use more than one CinergyT2 USB box on
> the same Linux system - is this a known problem (or am I just the 1st
> one who tried it)?
> When connecting the 2nd box, at first sight everything looks o.k.
> (except that the system gets pretty slow although there isn't any
> obvious cpu, disk or other activity). However, the 1st box ceases to
> work. Any attempt to use it thereafter, only yields an error message:
> ERROR: ioctl FE_SET_FRONTEND failed (Connection timed out)
> The newly connected 2nd box works exactly one time. When tzap exits,
> the LED stays on and subsequently the 2nd box also does not work
> anymore, triggering the error message:
> ERROR: ioctl FE_SET_FRONTEND failed (Value too large for defined data type)
> When the 2nd box is disconnected, the 1st device works again.
> (Actually, when I tried it the 1st time, after disconnecting the 2nd
> box, the whole system crashed leaving the keyboard unusable similar to
> the crashes that occasionally also occur with a single device, see
> http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.drivers.dvb/30386; I can't say
> yet whether this really works around those crashes but for the moment
> I use a module without RC-input support)
> Regards,
>                       Peter Daum
> (P.S.: Tried with kernel, probably the same with other
> kernel versions)
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Markus Rechberger

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