[linux-dvb] Unrecognised USB stick - TV-QQ

James Ward james.ward at student.unsw.edu.au
Wed Dec 27 13:31:48 CET 2006

I have a USB stick that is being sold by a vendor in Hong Kong and used 
by people like me in Australia.
It is marked "TV-QQ". 
has the details...

The ID is 10b8:1e78.  The VID indicates DiBcom, but the PID is unknown.

I can confirm (from the vendor and from uncasing the stick) that it is 
using the DiB7700P and MT2060.
So I thought it would be possible to get it going.

I was able to hack the kernel module code (dvb-usb-ids.h) to trick the 
kernel into recognising my stick as a Hauppage Nova-T Stick, which uses 
the same chipsets.  It would load the firmware, but dmesg reported that 
no frontend was loaded, so I couldn't see if it was working or not.

I've reached the end of my expertise - any further help would be greatly 


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