[linux-dvb] Twinhan 1034? Or some other DVB-S twin-tuner?

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Fri Dec 29 12:47:14 CET 2006

Stroller wrote:
> Hi there,
> I see from the archives [1] that some folks are reporting preliminary
> success with the Twinhan 1034 Mantis [2]. I really like the look of this
> card, so would be grateful for any comments from anyone using it to
> receive UK FTA channels on the Sky satellite, or just about its
> performance & stability in general. Is it reliable to use in a
> production system with expectations of 95%+ reliability?
> I like look of the Twinhan 1034 because:
> - it's available [3]
> - it has twin tuners,

The 1034 has only a single tuner, based on the MB86A16, while the
VP-6090 has (quad tuner) 2xMB86A16 and 2xTDA10046, but the VP-6090 does
not have a CI slot. The VP-6090 is not supported yet at the moment.

> - it has the CI thingy for future CAM shits & giggles.
> The most obvious alternative for UK satellite is the WinTV Nova-S [4] -
> as I understand it that's well supported under Linux, but to record two
> channels I need two of them, consuming an additional PCI slot; I think
> the Twinhan would be cheaper. Also some of Manu's comments, that "the
> Mantis PCI bridge can handle 4 different CA slots" [5] suggest that
> Mantis is actually particularly cool hardware - presumably the CAM can
> be applied to either channel (or both?) without being physically swapped
> out.

The Mantis chip has registers for setting up wait states etc for 4 CI
slots, but only one slot is used on the cards that which i have seen.
The CI slot on the Mantis is quite different, eventhough a low level CI
interface, it advertises that one can use a PCMCIA WLAN card in the DVB
CI slot.

At this point of writing, I don't know whether this would be feasible in
the Linux driver, but not saying that it would be impossible either.


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