[linux-dvb] state of the zl10313/zl10036 driver

Tino Reichardt list-linux-dvb at mcmilk.de
Sat Dec 30 13:03:04 CET 2006

Hello list,

I told some months ago, that I will add support for my Avermedia DVB-S
Pro A700 card.

Here is the current state of it:

- the domodulator is a Zarlink 10313, which is sold to Intel (CE6313)
- this demod is the nearly the same as the mt312, which is the
  supportend by the mt312.c frontend of Andreas Oberritter
- I have no detailed datasheets for this demod, so I use the mt312 specs
  from Zarlink
- I created a file called zl1031x.c for this demod (which may be
  imported into the mt312 some day)

- the tuner zl10036 got also his own frontend in zl10036.c
- I got it to work, by it is not stable enough to tune correct :(
- can someone help me on the zl10036.c tuner frontend

Everything is downloadable here:

If the zl10036 is working, I can code also the frontends for the
zl10037, zl10038 and the ones Intel now sells...
We can name this big module zl1003x then...

Please help me ;)

regards, TR
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