[linux-dvb] Anybody work with DVB-H?

Thomas Pinz - DC2RPT dc2rpt at gmx.de
Wed Feb 1 08:55:45 CET 2006

Hi William, 

I've more or less running DVB-H receiver here working with linux. 

At some places are already test transmissions running, at 
http://www.dvb-h-online.org/services.htm a list could be found. 

Some configuration hints could also be found at 
http://www.like.e-technik.uni-erlangen.de/propro/dvb-h/index.html , but i've 
only found this german version of the website.

For DVB-H you have two points, where DVB-T is extended. One is the 
hardware-side, where the 4k-Mode and some TPS-flags are added. And 
furthermore at the software-side are some things changed. (Video is packed in 
H.264, H264 is packed in RTP, RTP is packed in UDP/IP-Multicast-Packets, the 
IP-Packets are packed in the MPEG-TS...).
But the "hardware-side"-changes and "software-side"-changes are independend, 
so many DVB-H test-transmissions use only the software-side-changes and the 
MPEG-TS could be received with a classical DVB-T receiver. 

Ok, whats working:
- I could decode the IP-Packets with dvbnet
- If i have the right .sdp-Files, i could see the Video/Audio with VLC
- With flute i could receive files, if there are one in the stream. 

Whats still missing:
- The MPE-FEC error-correction information is ignored. If this would work, a 
advantage of about 6-10dB could be reached at the SNR. 
- With flute i got some files for the ESG, but a software for decoding them is 
- There are some different ways, how the video/audio-data is packed into the
udp-packets. Some transmissions use one udp-port for all, some a own for audio 
and video. So in some cases VLC could understand them, sometimes not.
- With a MPEG2-Video in the TS VLC is starting directly and all is working 
quite automatically. In the Case of DVB-H is a lot handwork in the 
configuration is needed. (You have to sniff the right PIDs, ip-adresses, add 
the dvb-net-interfaces etc...)

If someone wants to play with real data, have a look at:
There you can download DVB-H Transportstreams with SDP-Files and other 
informations. I could play them here and decode them with all the video and 
audio streams. But for playing i use a real DVB-T/H-generator with TS-Player. 
I don't know, how you could use them only direct in the without hardware.

I hope i could give you some infos, 

cu Thomas

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