[linux-dvb] channels.conf for Astra 28.2/28.5 FTA + Free to View

Peter Zubaj pzad at pobox.sk
Wed Feb 1 18:08:19 CET 2006

Eurobird 1 and Astra 28.2 are nearly on same position. If you tune Eurobird you will get Astra 28.2 too.
But you can tune Astra 1D only inside UK (and nearly to UK). For example for me is too far.

Peter Zubaj

>Are you sure this is Astra 28.2? This looks a lot like Eurobird 1 28.5.
>Your channels.conf looks a lot like mine, and I know for sure I am tuned into
>Eurobird 1.  Your antenna might be very slightly off. Tiny Pop is on Eurobird
>1 for sure.
>On Tuesday 31 January 2006 22:45, Rob Davis wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> Having banged my head against the wall for about a month trying to get a
>> channels.conf list for use with mplayer/xine, I decided to cheat by
>> finding an existing one the internet.
>> I noticed that the one in cvs and several others around the internet
>> have the same problem, which is, half the names are missing, some
>> channels (like Tiny Pop) just don't appear, others are listed twice.  I
>> have tried to use several transponders, but with mixed results.  So I
>> gave up with dvbscan.
>> I have just spent the last couple of hours writing a quick bash hack to
>> convert a "services" file off my dreambox, which seemed to make a better
>> job of channel scanning than dvbscan, and convert it to channels.conf
>> format.
>> I have decided that this is probably useful to someone else, so have
>> attached it for usage, or for putting into cvs for anyone else.
>> Hope it helps someone, it's defaulted for disceq 0, it should be fairly
>> easy to change back.
>> I've not done a lot of tidying, but it seems to work better than the
>> native ones.

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