[linux-dvb] channels.conf for Astra 28.2/28.5 FTA + Free to View

Rob Davis rob.davis at virgin.net
Wed Feb 1 19:13:19 CET 2006

William Smith wrote:
> Are you sure this is Astra 28.2? This looks a lot like Eurobird 1 28.5.
> Your channels.conf looks a lot like mine, and I know for sure I am tuned into 
> Eurobird 1.  Your antenna might be very slightly off. Tiny Pop is on Eurobird 
> 1 for sure.

They're basically considered the same.  There are actually four 
satellites up there in that position, it's just one is owned by a 
different company and slightly further away.

The channels.conf was slightly buggy.  I have a better one if you need 
it.  (I got some of the video and audio numbers wrong, converting from 

I am not sure why I can't scan this properly using my skystar 2.  It 
seems to remember names from one transponder, and stick them on another. 
  The dreambox doesn't have this problem.  But the tuner isn't as good.
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Rob Davis

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