[linux-dvb] two problems with a TechnoTrend Premium 2300 DVB-C (FF)

Lukas Ruetz lukas.ruetz at gmx.at
Wed Feb 1 22:01:42 CET 2006


i have a TechnoTrend Premium 2300 DVB-C (FF-card) and two problems:

1) no playback sound (analog out)
this issue seems to be known. will this get fixed in the next
kernel-release (2.6.16)?

2) _sometimes_ the card is not initialized correctly,
although all kernel-modules are loaded. the device-files are
missing (/dev/dvb) and i get the following boot-message:
  dvb-ttpci: debi test in av7110_bootarm() failed: 103285a7 != 10325476
  (check your BIOS 'Plug&Play OS' settings)

if i reboot once (or twice) the card works.

what's wrong?

i'm running opensuse 10 but with a vanilla kernel
and the latest firmware dvb-ttpci-01.fw-2622

thank you

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