[linux-dvb] Avermedia DVB-T 771 mt352_read_register error

Michael Carter mjcarter at btconnect.com
Thu Feb 2 21:33:13 CET 2006

Cheers for the suggestions guys - unfortunately I can't change the power 
supply because its a custom one for the Antec Aria case.

Instead, as you've suggested Paul I've gone for the Nova-T which I've 
got working great now with MythTV, very pleased as its not an easy task 
to get it all set up properly.

Even the remote seems to work reasonably well with that card.

All in all, I'm happy but may still persevere with the Avermedia 771 
because like you I thought it was a pretty decent card.

Thanks once again,

Paul Wheeler wrote:

>Dont think this is really the problem with me. Only one card works the
>other not when swapping into an identical setup (i.e. is not caused by
>drawing too much power on a certain rail. Also the power supply it
>stopped working with was a beefier and lot more expensive supply. I
>think it is still a factor but not an easily dicernable one such as
>one with a better/different rail will cause.
>On 1/30/06, Nigel Pearson <nigel at ind.tansu.com.au> wrote:
>>>I have had multiple dvb 771 cards. Many started working then stopped.
>>>The funny thing was that the powersupply change also made a difference
>>>(I can change the power supply and it will start working again,
>>>unfortunately the power supply that works doesnt fit in my case and is
>>        Bingo!
>>        I had the same problem a few years back with
>>two TwinHan VisionPlus cards and a 7200RPM drive
>>in a small case (200W PSU). All was fine for 6mths,
>>then one started to misbehave.
>>        Tried everything. Removing either card would
>>give me a working setup. Bought a bigger PSU and
>>case, and they have been rock solid ever since.
>>        I am guessing that part of the tuner on the card
>>ages a little and is affected by marginal 12V power.
>>Try getting a PSU with separate 12V regulation.
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