[linux-dvb] Avermedia 771 random failures

M martin at luminoussheep.net
Sat Feb 4 01:39:10 CET 2006


I've had two problems the most anoying is that from time to time the 
card just stops working.
Origonally I thought it was due to a borderline power problem (PSU now 
much improved) however I've noticed the was much worse and 
fails more often and sooner, also on sometimes the card 
"recovers" sometimes it doesn't. The symptoms are unable to tune the 
card. Under mythtv this appears as a failed record and I've also seen 
loss of audio though this is much rarer.

The kernel that currently works well and I see less failed recordings is 
2.6.12-rc3 however it does still happen.

I was seeing a lot of mt352_read_register errors when booting this 
kernel, I'd reboot untill it worked, sometimes leaving it off for a few 
minutes helps, this read error is less common on the newer kernel but 
sadly the card fails sooner.

I've seen a few posts on the register read error, but none on failure to 
tune. It seems a nasty intermittent problem does anyone else suffer from 
it? Is it a driver problem, were there any specs released? Any 
suggestions for tracing it?
Are people using two cards with success on a machine that is switched on 
all the time?

2.6.12 - can't reliably see card at boot - read register problems.
2.6.15 - card stops responding to tuning requests but booting seems better.

Hardware info:
I've got two avermedia cards plugged into a pci riser card in a mini-itx 
The mini-itx is a bit odd as it only has one pci slot and the riser card 
splits this.
Origonally it had a 120W PSU, the mother board is very low power, I've 
now got a 300W PSU so I'm failrly sure the PSU is not the problem.
Also using the infra red remote on one of the cards.


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