[linux-dvb] patch collection for Kernel 2.6.16-rc1

Holger Kiehl Holger.Kiehl at dwd.de
Sun Feb 5 13:28:21 CET 2006

On Sat, 4 Feb 2006, Johannes Stezenbach wrote:

> ....
> If you look at my presence here on this list for the last few months
> it is quite obvious that it is time that someone else takes over,
> and puts on the maintainer hat officially. I suck.
Having monitored this list and many other lists for a long time, I have to
disagree. Knowing that linux-dvb is a high volume mailing list and
DVB development is a fast moving market, I have always been wondering
how well you and the other developers have managed to supply the
community with so many good drivers. And that mostly done in spare time!
There are thousands if not millions of people out there using this work.
I think it was Winston Churchill who once said:

    Never was so much owed by so many to so few.

The linux community cannot effort to loose another good maintainer!

This is the normal procedure on other lists as well, when patches don't get
applied or are applied wrongly the submitter resends them or politely asks
why it was not applied.

Of course it is easy to say this here, when one does not carry such a heavy
burden and is not confronted with such strong wording and personal attacks:

    Please do reconsider and keep up your good work!


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