[linux-dvb] PATCH: Tevion DVB-T 220RF

Hartmut Hackmann hartmut.hackmann at t-online.de
Mon Feb 6 00:25:22 CET 2006


> Congratulations Peter :-)
> The patch code works ok but I dont have sound in
> Analog Mode? I manually added the code into
> hg-v4l-dvb-59816f44934f.tar.gz the new Mercurial
> repository works well.
> (Even I could configure it.)
> There was some trouble for me compiling the GIT Kernel
> so I have stayed with my 2.6.15-gentoo-r2 one.
> I also checked the 16 MHz Crystals on the card by
> sniffing with a probe.
> My Digital 8275ac1 oscillator is 241 Hertz low and my
> Analog 8275ac1 oscillator is 300 Hertz high.
> (maybe I could swap the trimming capacitors around ;-)

The code now is in the repository.
Regarding sound:
Do you have an analog connection to the sound card?
If not, you need to load the saa7134 module either with
oss=1 or alsa=1. This lets the audio section appear
like a sound card. You can now route the sound data in
userspace, either with mplayer or with a separate application
like sox.
Regarding the crystals:
These deviations are ok, no reason to worry. A hint: if the
deviation in the DVB-T path is higher than about 50ppm, the
channel decoder needs longer for the first lock after sleep.
This can make several seconds difference, but only for the
first tuning procedure in a session.

  Best regards

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