[linux-dvb] Re: High error rates when running Athcool

Rudo Thomas rudo at matfyz.cz
Tue Feb 7 13:34:23 CET 2006


> To keep the power consumption of the machine down I use 'Athcool'.
> This utility tweaks registers on the Northbridge chip so that when the
> CPU is idle it goes into a 'deep sleep' mode where is uses very little
> power. The downside is that it takes much longer for the processor to
> resume, so interrupt latency is greatly increased, though I have never
> before seen any problem in use.
> I get fairly poor reception of UK Freeview on the system, and an
> aerial upgrade hasn't improved it much. I've just realised that
> Athcool may be to blame. This is the output of 'dvbtune -m' on C5 with
> Athcool running:
> Signal=14135, Verror=11891, SNR=40349dB, BlockErrors=99, (S|L|C|V|SY|)
> Signal=14135, Verror=13445, SNR=39578dB, BlockErrors=191, (S|L|C|V|SY|)
> Signal=14135, Verror=12998, SNR=42662dB, BlockErrors=188, (S|L|C|V|SY|)
> And this is with it off:
> Signal=14135, Verror=1497, SNR=51143dB, BlockErrors=0, (S|L|C|V|SY|)
> Signal=14135, Verror=1385, SNR=50115dB, BlockErrors=0, (S|L|C|V|SY|)
> Signal=14135, Verror=1366, SNR=51143dB, BlockErrors=0, (S|L|C|V|SY|)

On my system (Athlon XP 1800+, ASUS A7V333), athcool does not make a
difference. The card is

saa7133[1]: subsystem: 5168:0306, board: LifeView FlyDVB-T DUO [card=55,autodetected]

In cz-Praha, I get the following regardless of athcool settings:

Signal=40349, Verror=38170, SNR=65021dB, BlockErrors=0, (S|L|C|V|SY|)
Signal=40349, Verror=43736, SNR=64764dB, BlockErrors=0, (S|L|C|V|SY|)
Signal=40349, Verror=45370, SNR=64764dB, BlockErrors=0, (S|L|C|V|SY|)

PS: Please CC me on replies as I am not subscribed to the list. Thanks.


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