[linux-dvb] two problems with a TechnoTrend Premium 2300 DVB-C (FF)

Teppo Jalava tjjalava at gmail.com
Sat Feb 11 19:59:11 CET 2006

On 2/1/06, Lukas Ruetz <lukas.ruetz at gmx.at> wrote:
> 1) no playback sound (analog out)
> this issue seems to be known. will this get fixed in the next
> kernel-release (2.6.16)?

Don't know what's the current status, but there is a patch for this
that was posted about a year ago. I don't know if it's included in the
CVS, but here's one I've been using for my kernel (2.6.13).

> 2) _sometimes_ the card is not initialized correctly,
> although all kernel-modules are loaded. the device-files are
> missing (/dev/dvb) and i get the following boot-message:

For me, hotplug handles the loading of the firmware. I just had to put
the file into right place (which is /lib/firmware/ on Gentoo, propably
something else on SuSE)


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