[linux-dvb] [PATCH] Fix support for Pinnacle PCTV Sat (take 2)

Edgar Toernig froese at gmx.de
Sun Feb 12 04:47:22 CET 2006

Holger Schurig wrote:
> > This is not the right fix.  It would disconnect the tuner from the
> > dish at the moment /dev/video is opened.
> Even when I now do a "hexdump </dev/video0" the card stays in the
> locked state.

Sorry, right.  It's not exactly opening /dev/video - that was my
expression because it always happened when I started the video app.
The real cause was the automute setting.  With the code in your patch
the mute setting controls the relay: mute -> relay on, unmute ->
relay off.  The app I'm using turns automute on, so at the moment a
pictures was detected on video-in the relay was turned off and
DVB reception stopped.

With my patch, the bttv driver no longer controls the relay.  It's
then managed by the dvb-driver.  When the tuner is initialised the
relay is turn on and when the tuner is sent to sleep the relay is
turned off.  The turn off delay is controlled by the dvb_shutdown_

Ciao, ET.

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