[linux-dvb] Re: Difficulty getting b2c2_flexcop driver to recognize Air2PC rev 02

Mark Haun haunma at keteu.org
Sun Feb 12 08:36:33 CET 2006

Mark Haun wrote:
> azap is showing FE_LOCK on all of my local channels.  My signal numbers
> are lower than the recommended 8000 (highest is KCTS with ~ 6c00), but the
> BER is zero, so I should be seeing something, right?  If I run azap with
> the "-r" option and then cat /dev/dvb/frontend0/dvr0 > test.ts there is no
> stream data (it sits there at zero size).

Ok, so the answer was pretty obvious to anyone knowledgeable on ATSC (not
me).  Trying to dump the TS to a file won't work until you've set the
video/audio PIDs in channels.conf; the make_atsc_chanconf.pl script only
fills in the other fields (station names and frequencies).  To see which
PIDs are active, you can use the "dvbtraffic" utility while azap is running
on the half-finished channels.conf.

Maybe a comment to this effect could be added to the README for [s|c|t|a]zap
in dvb-apps?

Thanks to everyone who did the work to get these cards supported.  I've been
enjoying the Olympics in 1080i on my $29 (US) Ebay special :)  Works great.


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