Olympics HDTV dump.. [was: [linux-dvb] Re: Difficulty getting b2c2_flexcop driver to recognize Air2PC rev 02]

Mark Haun haunma at keteu.org
Sun Feb 12 18:09:52 CET 2006

Andrea Venturi [a.venturi at cineca.it] wrote:
> Mark Haun ha scritto:
> ...
> > Thanks to everyone who did the work to get these cards supported.  I've been
> > enjoying the Olympics in 1080i on my $29 (US) Ebay special :)  Works great.
> this question is a bit off topic, but i get this hint to kindly ask to
> Mark if he could release this HDTV streams of the olympic games to the
> internet (maybe on any P2P network!) just for us "poor italians" to have
> a peek at it!
> indeed, our national public broadcaster (RAI) who did make the HDTV
> records for this winter olympic games, decided NOT TO release it in a
> public transmission but only on "selected theaters"!!

Hi Andrea,

Sorry, I don't have anywhere near the amount of storage required for this at
the moment :)  Besides, NBC, which is carrying the feed in the US, has a
stern warning/legalese about this being the property of the IOC, don't copy
it or we'll sue you, yada yada yada.  At 6 GB/hour, they probably don't have
to worry for another few years, as this amount of data is still a little bit
difficult to move around.


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