[linux-dvb] [PATCH] fix for CX24123 & low symbol rates

Vadim Catana vcatana at registru.md
Mon Feb 13 14:24:42 CET 2006

This patch makes the following modifications to cx24123.c :

- fixed the reception of channels with low symbol rates.
     ( The VGA1 and VGA2 offsets recommended by cx24109 docs for
       symbol rates from 1 to 5 MSps do not work. I changed them
       to values found experimentally. The charge pump current
       and FILTUNE voltage are now set to values recommended in
       the docs. This improves reception for symbol rates < 15 MSps.
       The values written in the SYSSymbolRate registers are calculated
       with better precision. )

- fixed the cx24123_get_fec() function. It was returning the values
   for DCII mode.

- removed some unused variables

This patch includes the changes I sent earlier, that add support for

I tested the patch on channels with low symbol rates from different 
satellites. Now these work fine (from VDR's channels.conf):

from AMOS:
ATOMIC TV:11434:hI1C23:S4.0W:7481:450:451:0:0:1:2004:11:0
PARTENER TV:11434:hI1C23:S4.0W:7481:470:471:0:0:3:2004:11:0

BBC WS English:11131:vI1C34:S13.0E:5630:0:457=eng:0:0:5003:318:3801:0
BBC WS Russian:11131:vC34:S13.0E:5630:0:357=rus:0:0:5002:318:3801:0

Signed-off-by: Vadim Catana <skystar at moldova.cc>

Vadim Catana
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