[linux-dvb] Pinnacle 300i, please try this patch

linuxtv at teresa.uklinux.net linuxtv at teresa.uklinux.net
Mon Feb 13 20:52:14 CET 2006

Hey, Hartmut!

Nice one.

On Sunday 12 February 2006 20:32, Hartmut Hackmann wrote:
> Hi, folks
> I worked a bit on the Pinnacle PCTV 300i and i think i got it
> fully working now.
> A remaining problem is that the tda9887.ko module needs to be
> loaded before tuner.ko. The reason seems to be the tda8290 probing
> code wich seems to be harmful only for the pinnacle cards.
> Please try the patch and report whether it works for you.
> Best regards
>    Hartmut
I pleased to report that your patch works perfect for me on kernel 2.6.14.
Installing mercurial from source was nice and easy too.
I've now got mythtv running with a nova-t as well as this 300i.

I've had a 300i for over a year. I've lost count of the people I've told never to buy pinnacle hardware, 'coz it never worked for me.

Rob (happy bunny) Watkins

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