[linux-dvb] Pinnacle 310i - update

Hartmut Hackmann hartmut.hackmann at t-online.de
Mon Feb 13 23:35:36 CET 2006


Pierluigi 'Lanugo' Rolando wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm working with my Pinnacle 310i card, in order to get the dvb-t mode
> working.
> I've started from the Philips Tiger reference design as implemented in
> card type = 81 (for the saa7134 module) and the philips_tiger_config
> structure in saa7134-dvb.c. The dvb-t decoder onboard is a TDA10046A,
> which appears to be supported.
> The first problem appears to be that this particular card doesn't have
> an eeprom chip onboard, so the firmware has to be uploaded. Even if you
> download and extract the firmware, the module won't load it (because in
> philips_tiger_config .request_firmware is NULL).
> I have found 2 different ways to do this:
> - boot under windows, use the pinnacle media center to view a dvb-t
> channel, reboot under Linux. The firmware is loaded by Windows and stays
> in place.
> - change a single line in the philips_tiger_config definition:
> .request_firmware = NULL,
> becomes
> .request_firmware = philips_tu1216_request_firmware,
> in saa7134-dvb.c, line 863 circa.
> Compile, install, reload, try to do the channel scan thingy and you'll
> see that the firmware gets loaded, in 16 bytes chunk. From the second
> time on, the firmware is correctly detected.
> Now, the second problem is that the pll initialization fails.
> The culprit is likely philips_tiger_dvb_mode, which appears to fail when
> called by tda10046_init indirectly via the config->pll_init function
> pointer. I suppose that either the initialization codes { 0x3c, 0x33,
> 0x6a} or the i2c address (0x08) is wrong.
> No PLL initialization routine, among those found in the sources, seems
> to be working.
> If someone has data sheet or any kind of information, please post them
> to me, or to the list, thank you. In particular I would be interested in
> every bit of information I can find about the tuner, which - according
> to previous posts to this list - should be a TDA8275A or TDA8290A. Is
> there a working implementation already? Has anybody managed to get this
> card working with DVB-T? Am I missing something?
I can't send you the data sheets, you need an NDA with Philips for them.
The tuner is - as far as i know - a TDA8275a. This is supported. But
the application of the tuner is different, it has an external preamplifier.
This requires a different strategy for the AGC - which is not implemented
yet. But it might work at least a bit without it.
The other issues:
I can't belive that there is no firmware eeprom on the card but its address
might be controlled in a different way.
You need to use the pll_init and pll_sleep functions to switch the board
between analog and dvb mode. This mainly is switching the AGC source
between analog IF and the channel decoder. I have no idea how this is
done on the pinnacle board. Some boards do this by just setting
the outputs to tristate (the chip drivers do this when they go to sleep
mode). But most use an analog multiplexer (4052), controlled by some
GPIO pin. It is the hard part of the job to find which one.

Good luck

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