[linux-dvb] Microtune MT2060 tuner support, what's the outlook?

Rollo Gleeson rollo_g at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 14 23:14:32 CET 2006

Hi there.

Three or four months ago I posted to this list asking about support for my 
Lite-On Technology DVB USB stick. It contains the unsupported Microtune 
MT2060 tuner.

I see from the linuxtv.org wiki that there's no progress yet on this issue.

As a non-techie, could someone just give me an idea of whether I should give 
up waiting and buy a new product? Is a hacked driver likely to be written 
eventually or is this tuner on its way out anyway?

Advice appreciated. And keep up the great work, I really admire you guys.


Rollo Gleeson

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