[linux-dvb] Pinnacle 300i, please try this patch

Tim Davis linuxtv at silkworm.org.uk
Thu Feb 16 16:01:23 CET 2006

> Hi, folks
> I worked a bit on the Pinnacle PCTV 300i and i think i got it
> fully working now.
> A remaining problem is that the tda9887.ko module needs to be
> loaded before tuner.ko. The reason seems to be the tda8290 probing
> code wich seems to be harmful only for the pinnacle cards.
> Please try the patch and report whether it works for you.
> Best regards
>    Hartmut

I've had a 300i for nearly a year now but have been running it as
analogue-only as the dvb picture wasn't stable (I was using a version of
v4l from April last year on a 2.6.10 kernel).

I'm delighted to report that this patch has made dvb fully working for me
(haven't actually tested the analogue as I no longer need it :).
I was unable to get the patch to apply automatically to the last v4l-dvb
from Hg, so I tried against version 3315 from 6th Feb (appears to be the
version the patch was generated against) and that failed as well even
though the line numbers matched exactly. Ho hum, probably my fault, so I
applied the changes by hand and it worked great.

To summarise:

- applied patch by hand to Hg v3315
- built and installed on Gentoo kernel 2.6.12
- loaded tda9887 module then saa7134-dvb
- dvb tunes and locks perfectly and the picture remains stable for hours
at a time

I'm also running a Nova-T alongside the 300i and there are no problems
with that setup.

Tim Davis

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