[linux-dvb] Several questions about firmware!

LC zeng lc.zeng at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 18:51:52 CET 2006

I am a rookie in the field of linux-2.6.x, and I don't know much about
the firmware that seems seldom appearing in linux-2.4.x.So I have
several questions about firmware, which is meant the software that is
embedded in a hardware as I known before.

First, the introduction of  LinuxTV Wiki mentions that the  Pinnacle
PCTV 200e USB-DVB-T which is work-in-progress is no firmware needed.
Are there other DVB-T USB devices no firmware needed and can be used
just by insmod drivers?

Second, I have a Compro Videomate DVB-U2000 device. I sucessfully set
up it with firmware  "dvb-usb-dibusb-" on pc running FC4.
Then I tried to port the DVB-U2000 on s3c2410 running linux-,
but it failed. I have loaded the firmware on s3c2410 and the device
seems to be set up because the power led of DVB-U2000 has been lit up.
Is the firmware depending on architecture so that firmware used on pc
can't be used on arm platform without cross-compiling?

Finally. How do the firmwares be written and compiled ? Is there any
resource I can consult if I want to study about firmware?

Thanks for help!

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