[linux-dvb] Budget card with CI seen as "budget", not"budget-ci"

Pavel Paprok ppaprok at applet.cz
Fri Feb 17 15:31:00 CET 2006

I tested it with mercurial up to date 13 Feb and dont know
if was contained there, maybe I should find it in list and patch
I am just going away for 3 days, so I can only shortly
watch mail, on monday I test it on fresh new machine :-)


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Subject: Re: [linux-dvb] Budget card with CI seen as "budget", 

>> Hi all,
> Hello !
>> I just playing with some dvb-s card, ordered as "Win TV-NOVA CI".
>> (but based on info on attached cd it is "TT-budget S-1500")
>> This card came with CI extension board, so I want to use it to
>> receiving
>> some Cryptoworks encrypted programs, in conjunction with
>> SCM Cryptoworks adapter a Cryptoworks card.
>> Kernel is latest, latest mercurial, player is latest
>> vlc /w dvb support compiled in.
>>  ...is that pci subid of card (0x017) cause detect and serve it by
>> "budget"
>> driver instead "budget-ci", so CI option is unavailable:
> [...]
> I sent three patches in this list a few ago that shall correct this.
> Could you check if they works for you ?
> Perceval.

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