[linux-dvb] Budget card with CI seen as "budget", not "budget-ci"

Darren Salt linux at youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 17 21:23:25 CET 2006

I demand that Pavel Paprok may or may not have written...

> Feb 14 15:12:29 dvbfm kernel: saa7146: found saa7146 @ mem df896400 (revision 1, irq 177) (0x13c2,0x1017).
> Feb 14 15:12:29 dvbfm kernel: DVB: registering new adapter (TT-Budget/WinTV-NOVA-CI PCI).
> Feb 14 15:12:29 dvbfm kernel: adapter has MAC addr = 00:d0:5c:04:72:a1
> Feb 14 15:12:29 dvbfm kernel: input: Budget-CI dvb ir receiver saa7146 (1) as /class/input/input4

Interesting. Do you have a remote control with this? If so, could you /also/
try my budget-ci/ir-common patches, modified so that the "select keymap"
switch (around line 220 in budget-ci.c) looks like this (without comments),
and report back on it - i.e. do all of the keys work (via evtest)?

 	switch (budget_ci->budget.dev->subsystem_device) {
 	case 0x1011:
+	case 0x1017:
 		keys = ir_codes_hauppauge_new;

> which is best way to assure that card with subid 0x017 will be in next
> releases of kernels detected by right, modified "budget-ci" driver?
> (only in case if problem in first question solved :-) )

Move the relevant MAKE_EXTENSION_PCI line from budget.c into budget-ci.c.
There's also a chunk of code which you can remove from frontend_init() in

BTW, do any of the /other/ cards listed in the budget driver have remote
controls? I'm wondering if these two drivers should be merged or the IR code
should be split out...

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