[linux-dvb] Writing a driver for the upcoming KNC ONE DVB-S2 card

irk irk at ieee.org
Sat Feb 18 13:54:02 CET 2006

>> > i.e. someone who is willing to start doing the actual work. In any case 
>> > I'd
>> > be more than willing help to test and debug the driver (notwithstanding 
>> > the
>> > fact that all transmissions will be very likely to be encrypted but 
>> > let's
>> > get the base stuff going will we?
>>I thought at least Pro Sieben wanted to send FTA.
> My thoughts. Not certain though whether my system can handle H.264 in 
> HD... And i am pretty certain MythTv does not yet recognize H.264 
> transmissions as being a TV service.

You can try H.264 HD test from satellite broadcast which does not require 
and it is FTA: HotBird  Sky Italia transponder at 11900 MHz pol. H.

I tried it with streaming over LAN and playback by VLC.Sound was perfect but 
in video
I could see only kind of I frames from time to time. There were very heavy 
peakings in machine
load. I do not know if problem with video is because my machine is not 10 
GHz rocket or VLC is
not able to decode the stream.

Nevertheless starting development on the S2 cards is highly desirable right 
now since
both services and cards are coming.

There is also S2 card from Technotrend announced for March delivery. The 
will have CI connector and the price is given as 129 euro:


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