[linux-dvb] Are you sure we need the firmware for nxt2004?

maillist maillist at boilerbots.com
Sun Feb 19 13:49:35 CET 2006

I got a PCI bus analyzer and was trying to capture the firmware download 
when booting under windows. The problem is that there isn't any firware 

So, I started to suspect that either my board has an EEPROM with the 
firmware or it is internal to the nxt2004, maybe they have flash memory?

I modified my nxt200x driver so that it skips the firmware download, 
powered off my machine waited a minute, turned it back on and guess 
what. It still works!

This is using a KWorld ATSC-110 card which has the Philips tuv1236 
module on it. There is a visible eeprom on the board near the saa7135.

If there are others that have boards with the nxt2004, maybe you can try 
this same experiment?


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