[linux-dvb] Re: [PATCH] Another one for the Kworld-ATSC110

maillist maillist at boilerbots.com
Mon Feb 20 00:13:27 CET 2006

Kirk Lapray wrote:
> I was able to find the firmware in the latest drivers from the KWorld 
> web site 
> (ftp://ftp1.kworld.com.tw/kworld/driver/beyondtv_tv_atsc/v1.3.2.7_051006.rar 
> <ftp://ftp1.kworld.com.tw/kworld/driver/beyondtv_tv_atsc/v1.3.2.7_051006.rar>).
> In the "3xHybrid.sys" file starting at address 8B1F0 (569840) with a 
> length of 9526 bytes.  It goes through address 8D725 (579365).  It 
> seems that the last several bytes of the firmware are always the same.
> Kirk

It is interesting that you where able to locate what appears to the 

By the way, I just sent this email out:

> I got a PCI bus analyzer and was trying to capture the firmware 
> download when booting under windows. The problem is that there isn't 
> any firware download.
> So, I started to suspect that either my board has an EEPROM with the 
> firmware or it is internal to the nxt2004, maybe they have flash memory?
> I modified my nxt200x driver so that it skips the firmware download, 
> powered off my machine waited a minute, turned it back on and guess 
> what. It still works!
> This is using a KWorld ATSC-110 card which has the Philips tuv1236 
> module on it. There is a visible eeprom on the board near the saa7135.
> If there are others that have boards with the nxt2004, maybe you can 
> try this same experiment?
> Curt
I modified the python script to extract the code you identified from the 
current KWorld driver and it does not work with the nxt2004 driver. I 
can no longer lock onto a station, it comes and goes. Maybe this new 
firmware has a few internal registers that are different? Or maybe there 
are more bytes to the firmware. Possibly there is some type of header in 
the firmware that indicates it's size. It sucks that it seems to be 
impossible to get documentation on the nxt2004.

Maybe the driver in windows reads something from the nxt2004 to confirm 
the version of firmware loaded and if it matches then it doesn't bother 
downloading the firmware? That is the way we do things where I work.


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