[linux-dvb] Writing a driver for the upcoming KNC ONE DVB-S2 card

Honorius Galmeanu honorius.galmeanu at deuromedia.ro
Mon Feb 20 10:04:53 CET 2006

Hello all,

On Saturday 18 February 2006 11:25, Ralph Metzler wrote:
> Harald Milz writes:
>  > I was curious if KNC ONE is going to release
>  > documentation for the DVB-S2 card which is featured at
>  > http://www.knc1.com/d/produkte/digital_dvb_s2_plus.htm. As it seems,
>  > this is going to be the first PCI card that supports DVB-S2. I received
>  > an answer recently that says they are at least willing to talk.
> What tuner/demodulator are they using?

I have a KNC ONE DVB-S2 and the frontend is named SD1878/LHA
I forced the board in budget-av.c, in function static void 
frontend_init(struct budget_av *budget_av) to init with 

fe = stv0299_attach(&philips_sd1878_config, &budget_av->budget.i2c_adap);

like SD1878 but the attach procedure does not recognize this hardware. 
Everything else seemed ok.


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