[linux-dvb] 2.6.16-rc3 cinergyT2 interferences with pcmcia wlan?

Andreas Slocum aslocum at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 20:00:01 CET 2006

Hello to all,

i recently compiled a 2.6.16-rc3 kernel and its running fine so far.
The only thing is:
I own a CinergyT2 USB Box for DVB-T wich works  fine (compiled as
module)... if dont have nettransfer with my pcmcia Wlan Card (Zcom
Prism 2.5 compiled into the kernel)

If im browinsg the web first the Picture gets scrambled like bad
receiving and the sound stops.. most time after a few seconds the
Picture completly stops.

I use Kaffeine as my DVB player if that matters... but i dont think
so. I tried Klear also..same results. Never had this with 2.6.15 or
older kernels.

Anyone else with something like this?


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