[linux-dvb] Re: [PATCH] Another one for the Kworld-ATSC110

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Mon Feb 20 21:07:30 CET 2006

Hi Curt,

maillist wrote:
> I hope that I can capture the firmware download, but yesterday I did
> not see any large block write to the board after windows booted, so I
> need to investigate this.
> I got a PCI bus analyzer and was trying to capture the firmware
> download when booting under windows. The problem is that there isn't
> any firware download.
> So, I started to suspect that either my board has an EEPROM with the
> firmware or it is internal to the nxt2004, maybe they have flash memory?
> I modified my nxt200x driver so that it skips the firmware download,
> powered off my machine waited a minute, turned it back on and guess
> what. It still works!
> This is using a KWorld ATSC-110 card which has the Philips tuv1236
> module on it. There is a visible eeprom on the board near the saa7135.
> Maybe the driver in windows reads something from the nxt2004 to
> confirm the version of firmware loaded and if it matches then it
> doesn't bother downloading the firmware? That is the way we do things
> where I work.

I'd speculate that the situation is similar to that described in the
following posts:

I'd imagine that, in the case of Windows,  it is only when
installing/updating new drivers that a firmware version check & update
routine is included.  For Linux, I imagine that to update the firmware
in the eeprom you'd have to do similar to Giampiero's efforts. 
Although, you mention:

> I modified the python script to extract the code you identified from
> the current KWorld driver and it does not work with the nxt2004
> driver. I can no longer lock onto a station, it comes and goes. Maybe
> this new firmware has a few internal registers that are different? Or
> maybe there are more bytes to the firmware. Possibly there is some
> type of header in the firmware that indicates it's size.

I'm not certain how you forced the firmware upload.

As for the KS007 IC, I have no idea who makes this 18 pin IC.

Looking at some pics of the other cards which employ the Nxt2004, it
appears that:

-Aver A180 (Michael K can confirm this for the A180)
- MDP-130  ... not positive, but it looks that way.

- ATI HDTV Wonder --- there is a small eeprom chip (position U2 on the
pcb) to the left of the Conexant A/V decoder (position U1), I can't make
out the logo
- ADS Instant ... not sure if that's an eeprom to the right of the can
or not ... need better pic
- Twinhan/Fujiplus ... certainly looks like they've used something
similar to THDTV20023 ... (doesn't  Manu  have one of these cards in his
possession?  Perhaps he can confirm)

-- Cheers, CK

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