[linux-dvb] How might a SATA drive interfere with DVB-S

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Mon Feb 20 23:06:55 CET 2006


William Smith wrote:

>> today I've replaced my system drive (PATA) by a SATA one to send the
>> PATA drive in for repair.
>> And now, VDR reports a lot of TS discontinuities and it's c*Repackers
>> complain about bad packets. Before exchanging the drive, I've only had
>> such errors immediately after switching to a new transponder.
>> So it looks like the drive interferes in any way with DVB-S reception
>> (NOVA-S). Is there anything I could check to solve this issue?
> It might be your chipset. You could also try updating your bios.

I already had a talk to an Fujitsu-Siemens developer some weeks ago 
because of a show stopper on HT CPUs in ACPI's processor module: there 
will be no new BIOS for this board (D1562-A21).

> I have had lots of problems with using IDE devices
> like my DVD drives, and USB, after installing a SATA hard drive. Fortunately, 
> I haven't had any problem with DVB on this motherboard. I changed 
> motherboards because of the problem. (When I changed the mobo, in Linux 
> (Kubuntu) I only had to set the volume and change the device ID around of the 
> two DVB cards  - imagine changing your motherboard with Windows.)
> It looks like the first S-ATA motherboards had pretty sketchy support for 
> S-ATA.

Well, I didn't have such issues in the past, and I hope that I'll get a 
PATA substitute ;-)

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