[linux-dvb] Patch collection for bt8xx cards

Edgar Toernig froese at gmx.de
Mon Feb 20 23:31:10 CET 2006

Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
> I just re-read the original thread with the patches by Edgar,
> and although requested, he didn't provide a Signed-off-by:

I've already addressed that and got flamed.  I don't want to
start a discussion about that on the list.  So once again to
make my (non-negotiable) position clear: I will not add a

If the committer wants to track patch history he can put me in
as the author or add a 'Submitted-by'.  If he thinks he cannot
sign off himself without someone else signing first I can only
say "Welcome to the Club".

> One of the patches also sparked some discussion which
> was left unresolved...

Well, it's hard to discuss something if the other side does not
know the hardware/driver.

It came down to: That's more than the 'obviously correct two line
diff' so it's better to not apply it so it won't break stuff.

> It might be useful if Edgar would resend his patch set,

Well, I've send it for 2.6.13, skipped 2.6.14 (because of broken bttv),
for 2.6.15, and I'll send it again for 2.6.16.

I'm not on some crusade to get the patches into the kernel (like i.e.
Uwe).  It just happened that I've got a DVB card that was not working.
So I fixed the problems and on the way cleaned the (crufty) code a
little bit.  I could have stopped here but I thought it's better to
post my changes in case other people have similar problems.  So I
sent the patches for every stable kernel release that I was using.

I don't care a bit whether the gatekeepers (for dvb-bt8xx there's no
one I would call a 'maintainer') put some or all of the changes into
the kernel.  All these discussions (of which I'm already very tired)
take much more time than applying the patch to a new kernel.  I only
feel a little bit sad for people who are left with a broken driver
and can't fix it themselves.  The patches I post are mostly for them.

Ciao, ET.

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