[linux-dvb] Re: [PATCH] Another one for the Kworld-ATSC110

maillist maillist at boilerbots.com
Tue Feb 21 06:38:27 CET 2006

Michael Krufky wrote:
> maillist wrote:
>> The driver doesn't burn the new firmware to the eeprom,  as far as I 
>> can tell, it doesn't even check what is already loaded. My 
>> speculation is that it is uploading it to the RAM of the nxt2004 
>> because it does a lot of halts and resets to the processor after the 
>> upload. I do not believe that the nxt2004 driver or the saa7134 
>> driver is able to identify that KS007 IC which I too believe is an 
>> eeprom on the serial bus.
>> When I replaced the "normal" firmware retrieved by the script with 
>> what I extracted from the windows driver the firmware was loaded to 
>> the nxt2004 but I could no longer tune any ATSC channels. The lock 
>> would come and go. So either I didn't get the number of bytes extract 
>> right, or this causes some changes to the interface.
>> Interesting claim in this forum that they received new firmware that 
>> isn't available publicly yet: 
>> http://forums.gbpvr.com/showpost.php?p=88231&postcount=14
> Curt-
> What's the problem?  Why can't you just use the current nxt2004 
> firmware provided by the get_dvb_firmware script?  It works fine on 
> AVerTV HD A180 and ATi HDTV Wonder, and you SAID it was working with 
> the patch that has been merged into the v4l-dvb master repository... 
> Why re-invent the wheel?
> If there are still bugs, PLEASE state them.
> -Mike
I am trying to understand how this card it supposed to work vs. the way 
it is being used currently. Plus, you can see from the forum link that I 
pointed out that there are improvements made in the firmware. It would 
be nice to know we can use them when they are released. Here are a list 
of things I am trying to investigate and understand:

   1. I can't get QAM anything to work.
   2. My computer can't play back HD with audio using mplayer. When
      mplayer decodes the audio stream it gets CRC errors and falls apart.
   3. Analog channel audio is routed out the audio jack and thus has to
      be patched into my sound card input. It should be digitized onto
      the pci bus if I want it to be.
   4. I don't like the way the antenna switching is supposed to work. It
      actually doesn't seem to work at all using TVTime, xawtv, kdetv. I
      use one coax input for an antenna to receive HD and I use the
      other to receive cable channels. I would like to specify which
      antenna input is assigned to what task. On the other hand if QAM
      worked (item 1 on my list) then I probably wouldn't care about
      this feature but it would be nice.
   5. I still need to work on the IR remote control support. I see how
      it is working from a register dump under windows, but I haven't
      had time to work on the driver.
   6. I need a way to route the Dolby Digital from HD programs out
      through SPDIF.
   7. There are a whole load of things the 7135 supports in the audio
      section like volume control, bass and treble adjustments, fake
      stereo stuff and so forth. This is in the hardware we just need a
      way to control it.
   8. The tda9887 stilll doesn't load right automatically. If I enable
      the debug, it never prints anything when it is loaded by the
      tda7134 driver. If I remove it and then re-load it then it starts
      printing debug statements so i know it is doing something.

I am sure some of the shortcomings are things I have yet to understand 
in the software but there are several items that I just don't see any 
support in the code so I am pretty sure that it isn't supported yet. My 
goal is to be able to build a functional DVR that is as good as that 
available using snapstreams software. If I can't do that then I might as 
well shell out the $60 and be done with it.


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