[linux-dvb] Re: [PATCH] Another one for the Kworld-ATSC110

maillist maillist at boilerbots.com
Tue Feb 21 23:31:36 CET 2006

Gunther Mayer wrote:
> maillist wrote:
>> CityK wrote:
>>> Hi Curt,   
>> The driver doesn't burn the new firmware to the eeprom,  as far as I 
>> can tell, it doesn't even check what is already loaded. My 
>> speculation is that it is uploading it to the RAM of the nxt2004 
>> because it does a lot of halts and resets to the processor after the 
>> upload. I do not believe that the nxt2004 driver or the saa7134 
>> driver is able to identify that KS007 IC which I too believe is an 
>> eeprom on the serial bus.
> KS007 probably is the IR decoder (probably you can trace the pins to 
> saa7135 GPIO)
Sorry guys, the traces are under the top surface. I could do a 
continuity check but that would be a hassle.

In windows this card requires an application for the remote to work.

I have a PCI trace from when I start this application and I can see that 
it starts polling the board. Here is a trace of activity from me 
starting the application for the remote control and then I push the up 
arrow and down arrow a couple of times.


The 4th column is the address. The board was mapped starting at 
0xDC000000 and the 5th column is the data. The sixth tell what type of 
opperation this was.


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