[linux-dvb] kworld atsc110 audio + misc

Bob yagobob at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 00:33:11 CET 2006


I wanted to reply to Curt's list of issues with the Kworld ATSC110 card:

1.  I am able to play back 1080i HDTV, both video and 5.1 spdif audio,
quite well.  As good as a borrowed 'reference' HD3000 card.

2.  I too can't get digitized Analog TV station sound (not using the
loopback cable).  I've tried loading the saa7134-alsa module, but the
only message i get is a 'adding registered card (-1)'
message.   must be an alsa problem?  anyone get this to work? can't
seem to find any info on this module.

3.  Would love to have IR working as well!

This weekend I will give QAM a try, but not sure Comcast has any
non-encrypted channels left.

Thanks for everyone's hard work.  The dvb/v4l project is great!


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