[linux-dvb] dvb-s with kaffeine and nova-s-plus - Part II

Darren Salt linux at youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk
Fri Feb 24 00:07:07 CET 2006

I demand that Just2blue4U may or may not have written...

> Darren Salt schrieb:
>> I demand that Just2blue4U may or may not have written...
>> [snip]
>>> Ahem. xine-lib.
>>>  $ mkdir ~/.xine
>>>  $ scan -o zap $TUNING_FILE >~/.xine/channels.conf
>>> Now launch your preferred front end. In my case, this would work were vdr
>>> not running:
>>>  $ gxine dvb://
>> *Then* I might help if I can.
>> [snip]

> I'm sorry for messing the Thread up and the bad quotation and
> attribution...

> My eMail-Client Application downloaded the Mails but didn't show them to
> me.

Filtering? Spam checking? (I can't help much here; I don't use Thunderbird.)

> So i had to look up the replies and even my own Message in the mailing list
> archive.

In which case, add attribution and indent the text manually. And since you're
using format=flowed, you should leave a space at the end of any line (except
for the last line of a paragraph) which should be automatically rewrapped for

> Additionally, this mailing-list-thing is totally new to me, so i'm not that
> trained. But i'll make my way through! :) Sorry again.

OK, fair enough :-)

(BTW, switching off the HTML would be a good idea too. It's unnecessary

> So now-
> Could you (or anybody else) please help me to get kaffeine (or any other
> graphical app) working?

Does ~/.xine/channels.conf exist? Is the DVB device *not* in use by any other
program? If so, any xine-lib front-end should work.

  $ gxine dvb://0                     # selects the first channel in the file
  $ gxine dvb://                      # selects the last-tuned channel

You might like to try something similar to this (which works here), though
you'll want "dvbc://..." instead:


BTW, for future reference (we may as well keep this thread on this list),
xine-user would seem to be a more appropriate place for this:

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