[linux-dvb] kworld atsc110 audio + misc

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Fri Feb 24 06:56:42 CET 2006

maillist wrote:
> I think I was going down the wrong path on the IR Remote. What I
> originally noticed is that the driver in windows is polling the GPIO
> register. I figured that must be how it reads the bits coming in. In
> the saa7134 code in the saa7134-ir.c (or was it saa7134-i2c.c) you see
> that is supports polling. I went down that route but it wasn't making
> any sense. So I went back and studied the logs a bit harder and now I
> see that it sometimes reads from a device through the I2C port. I
> don't have my notes with me at work so I can't tell you the address,
> but I see it reads from an I2C device and gets a series of 0xFF data
> followed by 0x10 and then 0xFF again. This didn't at first seem
> helpful because I was pressing two different keys, but later in the
> log I found an instance of 0xFF, 0x11, 0xFF. So maybe it does mean
> something.
> It is quite possible that the unknown part on the board, the KS007
> part is a microcontroller with code that handles the IR. I am going to
> try to capture more tonight with my bus analyzer and push more buttons
> on the remote than two.

I was thinking about this earlier on and then remembered Henry Wong's
recent efforts with the MSI TV at nywhere.  See:

- this thread:
... note that there is one post (about the Pinicle 110) that breaks the
thread in the middle, but just click next in thread and it will pick up
again for 4 or 5 more posts

- this post:

- and this post:

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