[linux-dvb] [PATCH] TT Budget 1500 S

Perceval Anichini perceval.anichini at streamvision.fr
Fri Feb 24 11:51:33 CET 2006

> Because I don't like to have another copy of the LNBP21 code in the
> tree, I'm working on a patch which moves LNBP21 and BSBE1 stuff to
> separate files. Doing that requires some other changes as well.
> I'll post it to the list for discussion asap.

> > Moreover, the budget.c and budget_ci.c structure is not the same. (And
> > the same modification in budget_ci is even uglier !!!!), so maybe it
> > would be a better idea to move first the code handling the card from
> > budget.c to budget-ci.c, and then modify the LNB stuff ???????
> Sooner or later, the 3 budget drivers should be merged into one driver.
> Requires a lot of work: CI/IR/AV code must be factored out, etc.
	Errr. Ok. If I can help on this, do not hesitate to ask... I'll
be glad to contribute...

Now, what roadmap would you prefer ?

Send a new patch series organized as this :
	1/2 -> Move 0x1017 handling to budget-ci
	2/2 -> Change the LLC bit (after measuring card output to be
	       sure it won't kills the LNB (?))

Or :
	1/2 -> LLC bit modification
	2/2 -> Move from budget to budget-ci.

Or :
	Wait first for LNBP21 modification from you, then (1) or (2)

	Wait first for the whole ttpci part to be rewriten, and we'll
see then...


> > 	Am I write when I think that PCI subsystem ID 0x1017 is only
> > the 1500 S card ????
	Waaah my english is brain-damaged! I meant "right", not "write" :)

> I hope so. ;-)
	Lol. Ok ! I wasn't too sure of the subsystem ID unicity :)

> > 	Wouldn't it be a good idea to start a README file in the ttpci tree
> > which sums up the association PCI subsystem ID -> Full card name.
> > I guess this does exists in the wiki or somewhere, but I didn't find
> > it (to my great shame !)
> http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Supported_DVB_cards
> http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/PCI_devices_DVB-S
> It would be nice if you could add an entry for this card.
> Thank you.
	Okay, will do it. Just a question : how do i know if a card
is fullts, or only partial ts ?

C ya.


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