[linux-dvb] Pinnacle 310i dvb-t - success? and, recording software request

Pierluigi 'Lanugo' Rolando lanugo at ica-net.it
Fri Feb 24 11:53:29 CET 2006

I've managed to get the Pinnacle 310i card to work (at least partially,
and perhaps it is not so stable) under Linux in dvb-t mode. If anyone's
interested, please write to me. I cannot post a patch and get it merged
because some changes definitely break other drivers.

As an aside, does anybody know how to tune a dvb-t channel and save the
raw mpeg stream to disk? I have used the scan utility to obtain a
channels.conf file and it works (I can see tv with mplayer and xine, in
very good quality). I've tried to record a show with mencoder, but it
does not seem to work very well. When capturing the raw stream it writes
about 100 MB (Bytes, not bits...) _per second_ to disk (a 30-second clip
take 339 MB!), is it normal?

Thank you in advance,
Pierluigi Rolando

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