[linux-dvb] [PATCH] 8PSK/BPSK DVB-S/S2 support

Marcel Siegert mws at linuxtv.org
Sat Feb 25 21:09:57 CET 2006

Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 24, 2006, Marcel Siegert wrote:
>>i made 2 suggestion for now, but the first neither the second were accepted,
>>like they were worked out.
> I hope my half-assed comments didn't discourage you, I was
> just brainstorming, to give you sonme ideas to work with.
> Sleep over it ynd choose what you think works best.
> Johannes
no johannes :)
don't be afraid of my reply. i still will do the work,
and i do agree that we have to get the best out of it.

i will do further discussion on irc and also on this ml and
send a new patch as soon as i might have the appropiate idea.

i also did talk to manu yesterday alot, and i think his idea,
moving frontend stuff to userspace and just implement a
simple read/write register within the kernel, is a nice thing.
it should be forced to become reality imho. i do know there
will be a lot of work todo, but with having this interface, we could
even do a migration to a different api version for those lib users,
without having to change the client application at all.
we were talking about some stuff to implement so that from end users
view everything will be a stable and consistent interface.
you may read on the irc log of #linutx from yesterday at linuxtv.org

best regards,

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