FE_MNCS / FE_DOCSIS (was [linux-dvb] [PATCH] add DVB-S2 support to frontend.h)

Andreas Oberritter obi at linuxtv.org
Tue Feb 28 19:45:12 CET 2006

On Mon, 2006-02-27 at 22:59 +0100, Marcel Siegert wrote:
>  typedef enum fe_type {
> -	FE_QPSK,
> -	FE_QAM,
> -	FE_OFDM,
> +	FE_DVB_S,
> +	FE_DVB_C,
> +	FE_DVB_T,
> +	FE_ATSC,
> +	FE_DVB_S2
>  } fe_type_t;

While we're at it: The TDA10023 also supports MCNS in addition to DVB-C.
After a quick gaze at [1] I understand that MCNS is somehow connected or
equal to DOCSIS, which uses shorter TS packets (122 bytes).

The driver needs to know which of these two systems are used because
other constants must be used for the calculation of register values and
the chip itself also wants to be switched.

I don't know any details about the used packet format. Maybe one of our
Northern American listeners can comment on this or point me to some
informative documents.

Best regards,

[1]: http://www.cable-modems.org/standards/DVB/dvb_rcc_wpaper.pdf

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