[linux-dvb] [PATCH] av7110 crash recovery

Michael Krufky mkrufky at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 08:33:07 CET 2006

On 12/31/05, Gregoire Favre <gregoire.favre at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> could it be announced here when those fixes are included in the git ?
> I still haven't figured out how to patch my kernel source with
> v4l-dvb (the makelinks which was announced in the ml: I can't find it so
> git source is a good option for me).

We will not be announcing when Linus merges our patches into git...
For that, you'll have to follow it yourself:


However, Mauro pushes our patches from cvs into our own v4l-dvb -git 
quite often... The v4l-dvb -git tree is located at:


...It has patches going up to a few days ago, but Oliver's patch isn't
in it yet.

It would be great for this to be tested, although linuxtv cvs is still
the official repository.  We are mainly using -git as a way to make it
easier to merge our patches upstream into Linus's tree.

Installing from cvs is easy...

Why dont you follow the instructions in the wiki-howto:


I hope this helps,

-Michael Krufky

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