[linux-dvb] Bluebird firmware always sets usb warm ID to 0fe9:d700 :-(

Michael Krufky mkrufky at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 18:28:32 CET 2006


I wrote you in irc, but I am copying it here, because I'll have to
sign off IRC soon, and others might be interested / may have
suggestions about this.

(11:45:19) mkrufky: pmp: the bluebird firmware sets all bluebird boxes
(ALL regardless of which type) to WARM usb id 0fe9:d700 !
(11:45:55) mkrufky: ...i think this is a bug in the firmware -- looks
like Jeff (DViCO) supplied a custom firmware for the linux drivers --
windows driver behaves differently

(windows driver firmware sets WARM ID := (COLD ID + 0x0001) )

(11:45:59) mkrufky: i will have to write him
(11:46:05) mkrufky: again
(11:48:03) mkrufky: ....i might need him to make a custom change to
the firmware for me..... if he cannot do it, then i have a problem
with frontend / tuner detection
(11:48:20) mkrufky: there is an eeprom.... maybe i'll have to use it.
(11:54:19) mkrufky: ...i sent my DVB-T tester a patch for the usb id's
.... i will wait to see if it works before i write to Jeff again


(12:19:27) mkrufky: pmp: i will email this to you, curious if you've
had this problem before


I've thought of trying to probe all the frontends, like the flexcop
driver does, although I really dislike that approach..... Regardless,
it would be ugly to do it in that method, because each version of the
Bluebird box has a different tuner also... LGZ201 / TH7579 / TUA6034 
... As far as the frontends, The ATSC uses lgdt3303 (you already know
this) and both of the DVB-T ones use MT352 (you probably already know
this, also.) ...  I'm not sure about the dual DVB-T model, but I wont
be programming that one, at least not right away.

Anyhow, curious if you have any comments about this.


-Michael Krufky

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