[linux-dvb] Terratec Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS: new Information

Mike Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Wed Jan 4 22:17:36 CET 2006

Thomas Kaiser (linux-dvb) wrote:

> Hello Developer
> I asked one or two weeks ago on this list if there is a plan to 
> support the above device. I never got an answer from the list :-(.
> So, I started to do some research.
> I took the beast apart to see which chips are in use. I documented 
> everything so far on my homepage. Please, see 
> http://www.kaiser-linux.li/index.php/Linux_and_TV

[chip info moved below]

> I did some usbsnoops which can be found on my site, too.
> It looks like we have to find out how the USB-Brige (EM2880) is 
> working. I could not find a datasheet on the net for this device :-(
> I really like to see this device working under Linux :-)
> So, what are the next steps we have to do?
> I am ready.
> Regards, Thomas

Take a look in the v4l-dvb tree...  We already have a driver for em2800, 
em2820, and em2840 usb controllers... You may want to speak to mchehab, 
mrec, cavedron, or sasha, to find out if support can be added for 
em2880, or if it may already be supported by the em28xx driver...


OTOH, em28xx does not yet have a dvb layer.... This can be added, but so 
far we havent encountered any devices that call for it, until now.

> Following chips are used on the Terratec Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS:
> # Tuner (receiver): XCEIVE XC3028

^^ this is a very popular tuner, but unfortunatly, is not supported in 
linux at this time, due to lack of proper specs required to create a 
driver... I'm sure some other developers have run into this in the past 
as well... Unfortunately, I dont have an answer for this tuner, although 
supporting it would open up the possibilities of supporting many more 

> # Demodulator: ZARLINK ZL10353

^^ never heard of it.... Zarlink has some other demod's that ARE 
supported, however... Maybe a driver can be written for this... /me 
isn't sure.

> # Videodecoder: 5150AM1

^^  might this be a TVP5150 ?  (supported in v4l)

> # Sound (only for analog?): EMPIA EMP202

^^ not sure

> # USB Bridge: EMPIA EM2880
> # Multiplexer (I don't know for what this is used): HC4052
> # EEPROM?: 24C02N
> #  ???: P13C3306LE

...well thats SOME information for you... although not quite the 
greatest news, but I hope this helps.

Michael Krufky

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