[linux-dvb] DVB-S cards for use in US w/Dish Network

Kevin Hilman kevin at hilman.org
Thu Jan 5 18:04:28 CET 2006


I have a few questions before I buy a DVB-S card.  I'm also wondering if there
are others out there using DVB-S in the US.

I'm a new subscriber to Dish Network in the U.S. and currently have the 311
receiver and the oblong 36" x 20" "SuperDish"[1]  because I subscribe to
French-language channels.

Intially, I'd just like to use the DVB-S to get FTA channels and to learn more
about DVB-S, but eventually, I'd also like to get my subscription channels on
my PC as well (if possible/legal?).  For that reason, I'd like to get a DVB-S
card with a CI module.

>From perusing the Wiki it seems I have two main choices for the budget cards:
Hauppage and TwinHan.  I'm leaning towards a TwinHan because they're easier and
cheaper to find in the U.S.  From the mailing list, I've noticed that there are
problems with the latest TwinHan cards so I'm wondering what the latest, yet
fully supported TwinHan card is (and has a CI module.)  Or if the problems with
the latest cards are minor, maybe I can help fix them.  I have plenty of kernel
experience, but not much DVB knowlege.

Or are there reasons I should get a Hauppauge?  I can't seem to find anyplace
in the U.S. that sells a Hauppauge card w/CI module (the NOVA-CI.)

Any pointers to resources for getting my Dish subscription channels would be
appreciated as well.

Thanks for any advice,


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