[linux-dvb] Terratec Cinergy Hybrid T USB XS: new Information

Thomas Kaiser (linux-dvb) linux-dvb at kaiser-linux.li
Thu Jan 5 19:55:38 CET 2006

Hello Markus

Markus Rechberger wrote:
> just analyzed the analog tv logfile, everything looks quite clear to me.
Thanks for looking at it :-)

> this device could get supported by the em28xx driver if someone could
> get me a testdevice(which would be the fastest way) I could try to get
> the analog part done at least (that's what I looked at).
Great News. Unfortunatly, I can not send you my device for several 
reasons. It's the only one I have, it is still apart and sending 
something with Post from Liechtenstein to Germany is a mess (I had only 
bad experiences). Sorry about that.

But I am ready to test and help (as soon as I have put the device 
together, again).

 > The DVB Part
> shouldn't be too hard too since we can get everything from the
> logfiles.
Patrick Boettcher mentioned that the tuner needs a large firmeware 
depending on the use of the tuner (DVB-T/C/S or analog?, I think). You 
don't see a problem with that?

On the other hand, as Mike Krufky wrote: This tuner is used in a lot of 
cards, so it would be a good thing to have support for this tuner :-)

Thanks, Thomas


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