[linux-dvb] AVerTV Hybrid+FM PCI

Albert the Mildly Deranged napalmllama at gmail.com
Fri Jan 6 13:52:43 CET 2006

Hello there.  I'm new to all this DVB malarky, but I'm interested in
changing that with one of these cards.

I want to know about compatibility first, though, before I shell out
£60 [100USD-ish] and find I've wasted my money.  I was wondering if
you fine people might help me out (if I help you a bit)?  I've been
Googling around for it and there seems to be a lot of speculation
about this board - how many chips does it use, what are they, how
standard is the interface, etc - but little hard fact.  AVerMedia
Support tell me that the board uses a chipset which is undocumented,
and has no open-source Linux driver.  However, the folks at Aver have
been beavering away on a closed-source Linux driver - closed-source
due to licensing issues with the manufacturer, I'm told.

The very helpful guy answering my emails sent me what they've got so
far - what seems to be an RPM-based package for FC3 and FC4.  I'm on
Gentoo (and I don't have the card) so I can't test it out for myself.

However, the files inside the RPM are very helpfully named - the
/lib/modules/2.6.11-1.1369_FC4/kernel/drivers/media/video/ directory
looks like this:
> mt352.ko
> saa7134/saa713x.ko

Now I've just looked inside my kernel configuration (2.6.14-gentoo-r4)
and there's an option to support the mt352 digital tuner.  The
Phillips SAA7146 also appears to be supported, but not the 713x
mentioned.  Are they one and the same?  I don't know.

I hope you'll consider that I've done enough of my own poking around
to be worthy of your help, but that's about as far as my poking stick
will reach.  With any luck this email will spark off a good discussion
about the board, and we'll get some real facts.

Cheers (and apologies for length),
Tom :)

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